International youth football tournament

17th - 19th May 2024 (Pentecost)



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  • U19 (born 2005 or younger), 11 a-side
  • U17 (born 2007 or younger), 11 a-side 
  • U16 (born 2008 or younger), 11 a-side 
  • U15 (born 2009 or younger), 11 a-side 
  • U14 (born 2010 or younger), 11 a-side 
  • U13 (born 2011 or younger), 9 a-side 
  • U12 (born 2012 or younger), 9 a-side 
  • U11 (born 2013 or younger), 7 a-side 
  • U10 (born 2014 or younger), 7 a-side 
  • U 9  (born 2015 or younger), 7 a-side 


  • U17 (born 2007 or younger), 11 a-side 
  • U15 (born 2009 or younger), 11 a-side
  • U13 (born 2011 or younger), 9 a-side

Tournament mode

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  • Two day tournament (Saturday/Sunday)
  • At least 12 teams per agegroup
  • Two groups of six teams
  • Semi-finals and finals
  • All placements are played
  • Short breaks between the matches
  • Each team the same number of matches
  • On Saturday each team plays in the morning or in the afternoon 
  • Association referees
  • Trophies and certificates for each player


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  • Dinner (if booked)
  • Opening (no duty, approx 7:15 p.m.)
  • National anthems
  • Opening matches


  • Breakfast
  • Tournament day 1
  • Supporting program
  • Leisure (e.g. arena tour)
  • Dinner


  • Breakfast
  • Tournament day 2
  • Semi-Finals
  • Finals
  • Award ceremony

Tournament place

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The GERMANY CUP 2024 will be played at various sports facilities in Frankfurt/Main. Due to its central location and the largest airport in Germany with more than 300 direct flight destinations, Frankfurt is very easy to reach. 


U19, U11, U10, U9:
SV 07 Raunheim
Haßlocher Str. 58, 65479 Raunheim

U13, U12:
SG Ober-Erlenbach
Seulberger Str. 75, 61352 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

U14, U15:
SC Riedberg Frankfurt
Altenhöferallee 189, 60438 Frankfurt am Main

Sportverein Griesheim Tarik
Lärchenstraße 82, 65933 Frankfurt am Main

Spielvereinigung 02 Griesheim
Eichenstraße 40, 65933 Frankfurt am Main

U17, U15, U13 (girls):
SC Dortelweil
Untergasse, 61118 Bad Vilbel 

On all sports fields there is an attractive supporting program (shot speed system, bouncy castle, air soccer, football tennis).


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99 € registration fee per team
40 € referee fee per team

Stadium Tour Eintracht Frankfurt

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A guided tour of Deutsche Bank Park can be booked additionally for all age groups, if desired with a tour of the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum. Please contact us if you are interested.


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We offer various accomodation options at fair prices. Among them are modern youth hostels, simple hotels and 4-Star hotels. Everyone will find the right accommodation.

Questions / information

Is there a registration deadline ?

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There is no fixed registration deadline. Registration is possible as long as there are places available in the respective age group. We would be happy to reserve a starting place for you for a few weeks without obligation.

Can we participate with more than one team ? 

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Yes, it is possible to participate with several teams from one club and / or one age group.

Is there a maximum number of players ? 

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There is no maximum number of players. 

Can parents and siblings come along ?

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Parents and siblings are welcome to accompany you to the tournament and stay in the same accommodation as the team at the same prices.

Can we still change the number of people registered ?

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Yes, the registered number of people can be changed free of charge and without giving reasons up to eight weeks before the tournament.

Do I have to pay a deposit after registering ?

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After registration, a deposit of 15% of the total price is to be made. The remaining amount is due six weeks before arrival.